Axel Schultze is a published author, patent holder, was named one of the globally most influential startup accelerators in 2015, won the San Francisco Entrepreneur Award in 2008, chaired the SaaS Channel Committee at the SIIA, was an early adviser of LinkedIn in 2003 one of the first executives authoring a blog, a beta user of Twitter, created the first online equity crowdfunding platform 1997 and revolutionized the whole sales distribution model in the 1980’s.

Axel Schultze is founder and Chairman of the World Innovations Forum a Swiss innovation & Entrepreneurship development organization today represented in 27 countries. He is also founder and CEO of Society3, a startup accelerator company. Prior to that he was founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, one of the most successful Channel Management Software companies, where he invented a new method of lead distribution and was granted patent 9514997 by the US Patent Office. Before that he was founder and CEO of Infinigate one of the largest IT Security provider in Europe, (today over $500 Million in revenue). In 1983 he founded  Computer 2000, the most successful European computer distributor, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData in 1998. His first job was at Rockwell International working on various bleeding edge technologies many used at NASA.

AI related experience history

  • 1979

    Working on ELIZA

    Coming across a version written in BASIC. Extending the capabilities but realizing it would be a daunting task to make it a real conversation.

  • 1997

    Autonomous code

    We were working on project “Autonomous Code” it was actually unknowingly a precursor to what later was known as “Smart Contracts” powering the Blockchain logic. Autonomous code was triggered by occurrences not by human interaction. A “piece of code” could travel through the Internet on its own.


  • 2005

    Genetic Computing

    Invented a working genetic computing model. Unlike the previous versions from others, who used the binary 0 and 1 to decode genetic bases, we used a 26 letter genetic alphabet. Processing data enormously faster and might be used in neural networks.

  • 2012

    Neural Networks

    Getting fascinated by the concept of neural networks, natural language processing and speech synthesis.


  • 2016

    Following AlphaGO

    This was an amazing experience to see the progress of AI. And even this was not a “full AI”. BUt the dynamics have been amazing.

  • 2018

    Putting it all together

    When putting it all together, AI, ML, Robots, Internet, Sensors, IOT, Smart Material, BioScience, Genetics, it became obvious that an artificial human with a certain degree of similarities is an inevitable development.


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