Benefits of conscious Autonomous Machines

There was a great question on Quora: What would be the benefits if computers/robots would be conscious? Would they learn better and become more intelligent? Would they become truly creative and inventive? Would they surpass humans in certain fields? This was my answer: What would be the benefit if AM’s are conscious? 1) We will […]

Will Artificial Intelligence be the end of humanity?

This is a very often posed question almost everywhere. The fear is huge. Yet it is extremely unlikely. While I understand the fear and technical risks, I’m actually seeing that real AI will bring humanity it’s biggest step forward – bigger than everything we ever experienced. More important than the discovery of fire, the wheel, […]

Autonomous machines | autonomous humans

We are moving from an era where machines have been used by humans to augment their capability and do jobs they could not do without machines, to an era where machines are autonomous enough to do it on their own. Interestingly enough, humans have been autonomous for the last 300,000 years until just recently, about […]

Why today’s human minds are incapable to outperform AI

Today we may debate whether or not a robot will ever be superior to a human. Superiority has many angels. Autonomous machines may catch some areas but most likely in the next centuries not all of them. However – think about it – one robot may not be as good as a human – but […]

Staggering ideas

As I progress with the book, diving deeper and deeper into the journey through the next 50 to 100 years, new situations come up and new ideas get created. New question arise, and the circle of impact will get bigger by the day. If a large portion of our society will no longer need and […]

What is work?

Before we look into the future of work, I was thinking about work itself and when work is really work and when is it passion, an interesting activity. So I broke it up in two very different perspectives: 1) Work is an activity people do under a certain force to make money, not necessarily love […]