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autonomous machines and autonomous humans

An amazing journey through time, science & society

“MegaTrend . AI” is a visionary prediction of the future of AI based on current and past development across the globe. The book is written by Axel Schultze, continuously pronounced a tech visionary, and pioneer who was shortly working on AI in the early 1980’s and then again in the mid 1990’s and then again in recent years.  The author is taking you on an amazing journey through time – into a future of autonomous machines, managed by artificial intelligence, built from smart material, producing virtually anything we need or want.

By 2020 our knowledge double every 12 hours (IBM research 2016). Chat bots improved enormously by 2020 and most sales and support call centers are in jeopardy – with it millions of people in India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Ireland and other locations around the world. Visiting Fred in San Francisco in 2022 unfolds the real power of AI with its ability to iterate through millions of ways to build one product in just a few days to then come up with the ultimate design and structure. Unemployment is on the horizon not only by repeatable jobs but also in technology design and engineering. Richard, another contact tells his story and what happened.

2025 – 2030
So called real AI or General AI development is in full swing, I speak with experts in Germany, Seoul and Tokyo about their advancements. Financial market predictions become so accurate that the financial market comes under huge pressure. Analyst, consultants, wealth managers fear of their jobs. More and more people seek their forte in creative jobs, fleeing the routine work that is rapidly eaten up we highly efficient and emotionless machines. Hairdresser turns out to be a much more attractive job than a bank manager. We spoke with craftsman who are on high demand why no robots are yet on the horizon to do their job. Construction engineers, mid level managers and sales clerks are some of the high risk positions across all industries. Talking with government official we see over 300 of the 350 industries under huge pressure.

2030 – 2040
AI systems are substantially advanced. Instead of speaking about a billion people who are now unemployed, we are talking about erasing work all together. The Makers movement, that started already in the late 2010’s is exploding. I’m speaking with people who are no longer looking for a job to survive but determining their own future. Autonomous Machines and Autonomous Humans co-exist and complement each other in ways that are unimaginable today.

2040 – 2050
AI is writing their own code, developing their own updates. Conscious AI systems bring again new evolutionary steps into the world of machines and humans. Humans learn more from the development of AI about themselves than in the past 300,000 years. We meet philosophers and psychologists and explore the current thinking and possible evolution. Without the power of AI systems we would have still not solved the increasing energy problem. While we were seeking for carbon ice, better lithium batteries, better bio fuel, or the hydrogen engine, AI systems iterated through so many energy sources including the biggest energy source on earth, our liquid core. Earth itself could give us energy for another million years and 100 billion people. We speak with some of the scientists who explain to us their solution. A grandiose example for the symbiosis between human and machine.

2050 – 2075
Instead of risking astronauts, we send robots into space and explore ways to harvest precious raw material from other planets and moons. A flight to Mars may still take 6 months but for a space freight ship with robots and no energy consumption during these 6 month – it’s not a big deal. With the help of the latest AI systems we grow in engineering power that enables us to safely harvest, produce and dispose material on the otherwise dead moon. Raw material from Mars does not even get to earth but straight to the moon so we do not have to deal with our atmosphere. The transport is reduced to a moon-earth line for all kinds of products and materials. Mankind has evolved so significantly that we explore the idea of a next generation Homo Sapiens Geekensis, the ever smarter geek human.

The fireworks of scenes will give you an idea about how this new world may be like.  No,  there are no robots that will walk the earth and destroy everything. This is just not realistic but we will share why not.

The journey unfolds exceptional opportunities and equally substantial threats. It gives us a climbs of what may happen between now and 2050, even a bit further. It addresses industry leaders, politicians, representatives of the worker class, socialists, scientists, human resource experts, job seeker and those who are fearful about this and virtually any future.

Imagine we can eradicate work

Imagine over the next 50 years we build so many “Autonomous Machines” that produce our food, our goods and anything we produce today with the help of human work! Let the author show you how we can ultimately free humans from work.  While traveling through time, some interesting discoveries will be made, like the fears of humans in the past million years and how it still deeply impacts our behavior, even well being today.

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The book is exploring various scenarios, showing amazing opportunities for humanity and discuss the real risks as well as the phantasies and horror stories that are out in the world. It talks to the most likely time frame all this may happen and why.

  • Exploring what will actually change when AI systems, so called autonomous machines, will be more widely available and change the way we design, produce and service products as well as perform general services.
  • Covering some 50+ industries that will be affected by the continuous automation and autonomous machines. Experiencing a structural change that will no longer need humans to work on, produce or service the respective areas.
  • Exploring what it takes to build an AI system and why every kid on earth can do it with their existing, today’s technology and a laptop. AI is not a technology – it is a software application.
  • Due to the AI development we will be seeing possibilities to learn more about our own brain, mind and capabilities , than we ever imagined before
  • Exploring solutions that may allow the lager group of people to no longer needing to work but be supported by an unconditional base income that may actually exceed a comparable salary.
  • Moving our current point of view away from “if people have no job they suffer badly” towards a total shift of mindset: “Freeing people from work they don’t like and only do that to survive, to a situation where all people have the freedom to engage in something they wholeheartedly love. The outcome will be rather fulfilling than frustrating.”
  • Exploring the need of education to smoothly grow into this new world. Education and guidance for a more self determined live style rather than a simple job hunting life.
  • Reviewing technology advancements over time, plausible market entry time line, adoption timeline and motivations to accelerate or delay introduction efforts.
  • Researching ways to finance a lofty unconditional base income for an entire population. This maybe through taxes, co-ownership or investments into AM’s by the population and other ways.
  • Taking a view into the cross border challenges of AM based services or products to prevent a disadvantages taxation of AM manufacturer and at the same time protection of foreign AM services be brought into a country.
  • Analyzing the global impact of the initially AM dominated production world on less developed countries.
  • Covering some technology prediction and its impact on our lives. Don’t expect AI Being the last human innovation as predicted by some – expect AI an all new era of innovation that will be mind bending and again revolutionize the way we ‘work’.
  • Out of the box thinking, moving from “protecting jobs” to accelerating the automation so we can unfold a more self determined lifestyle.
  • Challenges to motivate and inspire young people keep learning. If a good degree is no longer needed to do “nothing”, why go through the torture of learning? Reasons to go for life long learning model coming in a very different package,
  • Preparing for such a new world is by order of magnitude more challenging than moving from manual calculation to computers or horse carriage based travel to air travel. So we will play with several scenarios and providing options.
  • Covering security aspects, safety functionalities and globally coordinated protection mechanisms to protect data, privacy, processes, information steams and also physical aggression in any way or shape. And also expanding the education and human integration spirit in a way that hatred, destructive energies can be more and more prevented.
  • Bringing up a possible 90 degree tilt in our social hierarchy of blue and white collar workers, putting some of both on the same level and possibly differentiate our societal  levels in a very different way.
  • Understanding and reducing our fear that super intelligent robots will eradicate all humans due to our perceived imperfection. At the same time learning to appreciate imperfection and our incredible skill to even recognize imperfection.
  • Analyzing the power of imperfection further and even taking it as a strategic concept into AI development to get further and farther in its capabilities.
  • Finally technology predictions that will put SciFi movies into the ‘Western Movie” category and either will end the SciFi era – or new ones, so exceptional that I can’t wait to see the first of that generation.

The author

Axel Schultze is a visionary and very successful entrepreneur. He is a published author, patent holder, was named one of the globally most influential startup accelerators in 2015, won the SF Entrepreneur Award in 2008, chaired the SaaS Channel Committee at the SIIA, was an early adviser of LinkedIn in 2003 one of the first executives authoring a blog, a beta user of Twitter.

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Open for collaboration

  • AI Experts

    We are looking for AI expert, deeply involved in machine / deep learning, reasoning and decision making logic, neural networks, perception, data assessment (search)… and so forth.

    We also want to explore the technology beyond today and look at artificial consciousness, cognitive science, error awareness and tolerance and its implications.

    If you don’t mind donating some time to this project, we deeply appreciate it. Obviously will your participation be respectively mentioned in the book.

  • Robotics Experts

    We are looking for Robotics experts, dexterity, sensor technology, advanced movement techniques, AI level or connectivity to other AI systems … and so forth.

    We also want to explore the technology beyond today and look at non motor driven movement techniques, body balancing speed, non human imitating movement techniques and its implications.

    If you don’t mind donating some time to this project, we deeply appreciate it. Obviously will your participation be respectively mentioned in the book.

  • Labor Experts

    We are looking for education and work related experts, involved in work related motivation, stress, physical risks, satisfaction, psychology, and so forth.

    We also want to explore the behavioral, motivational and psychological evolution of humans in the future. Work with no work may mean paradise for one and hell for somebody else.

    If you don’t mind donating some time to this project, we deeply appreciate it. Obviously will your participation be respectively mentioned in the book.

  • General opinion

    We are looking into a future that may have more and deeper impact then anything humankind experienced other than it is actual creation. We are looking for general opinion, mindful thoughts and commons sense.

    Rants are OK too as they are just another way of expressing extreme fear and confusion.

    If you don’t mind donating some time to this project, we deeply appreciate it. Obviously will your participation be respectively mentioned in the book.

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