What is work?

Before we look into the future of work, I was thinking about work itself and when work is really work and when is it passion, an interesting activity. So I broke it up in two very different perspectives:

1) Work is an activity people do under a certain force to make money, not necessarily love what they do and do it in a rather routine way. That includes hard work, which is a huge load on their body, monotonous, repeat work, and work that does not require any specific skills but needs to get done. I’m sure you get the idea.

2) Then there is work people do not feel they are forced to do. This may be more or less sophisticated work. That work is more likely than not loved by the people who do that. It may be highly complex and very challenging and people like the challenge so that they would not consider it work. But it may also be a rather simple task where people still excited about and get satisfaction out of certain aspects of that work. This can be anything from artwork, craftsman work, creative work, strategy work, important human interactions, and so forth.

The most interesting part is that some activity is work for one and passion for somebody else. We humans have not been very good to avoid work and look for the cool stuff. Mainly because the understanding of work was very different about 300 years ago and all the previous 200,000+ years.

I guess it is time to make a change.

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