Staggering ideas

As I progress with the book, diving deeper and deeper into the journey through the next 50 to 100 years, new situations come up and new ideas get created. New question arise, and the circle of impact will get bigger by the day.

If a large portion of our society will no longer need and even want to work, will the next generation children wonder why they should even learn anything?

If the developed countries accelerate their progress and with it their prosperity and live style, how much bigger will the gap to other countries get?

If the next generation is by large no longer working, learning or actively engaging, are we getting to real ‘Ideocracy’?

Yet, if the new, autonomous machines allow us to do things we could never imagine, it could do things anybody is dreaming about – no matter what education or previous level.

If autonomous machines get to teach our children, maybe we get to the most individual learning process ever. And if time is no longer the limiting factor and life long learning is the model – everybody – no matter which level in our society could sooner or later learn whatever they are really interested in.

The same can apply to countries that are still today way, relative to the most advanced societies.

As long as everybody can get access to the staggering knowledge explosion we will closing most gaps between equally talented people. That will allow us to see other gaps between differently talented people and we can work on those differences in a way more educated way than today.

Learning however will be one of the top 25 key aspects in our journey through time and differentiating factor between nations.


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