Will Artificial Intelligence be the end of humanity?

This is a very often posed question almost everywhere. The fear is huge. Yet it is extremely unlikely.

While I understand the fear and technical risks, I’m actually seeing that real AI will bring humanity it’s biggest step forward – bigger than everything we ever experienced. More important than the discovery of fire, the wheel, the machine, the internet all together.

  1. Already in the next 30 years we will learn about ourselves our advantages and disadvantages, our skills and behavioral aspects than ever before. We will rationalize that our brain is much more than just a slow computer that can be outperformed by AI. Instead we have an amazingly creative abstraction machine that most of us are not even aware of.
  2. AI will help us, after 300,000 years of fearing hunger, be eaten by wild animals and extremely hard work, eradicate work and elevate the human mind to a new level, see Maslow’s pyramid of needs. When machines can produce everything we consume, need, want, we have time and freedom to do what we want to do.
  3. AI can do one thing we humans just cannot: Iterating trough a million or billion options of anything we need to decide in almost no time. That will help us do things with a much higher probability of success, much lower probability of failure, much better insights in impact on what we are doing and so forth.
  4. By learning that our imperfection is actually yet another perfect asset of us, we understand that evolution requires imperfection to work. This may help lower or even eradicate our fear that AI will stand up and kill us all – what a bad movie. Imperfection based evolution is the Holy Grale of our existence. Replicating that in machines is the most significant creation mankind was ever able to bring forward – beyond just inventing tools.
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