Axel Schultze has been involved in the IT industry in various capacities. After a very fast career at Rockwell International he turned into an entrepreneur, founding and growing a number of very successful technology companies. Living almost 20 years in Silicon Valley, he was one of the very early people shaping the SaaS Industry, later the Social Media Industry.

Axel Schultze is also a published author, patent holder, was named one of the globally most influential startup accelerators in 2015, won the SF Entrepreneur Award in 2008, chaired the SaaS Channel Committee at the SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association), was an early adviser of LinkedIn in 2003, one of the first executives authoring a blog, and an early beta user of Twitter.

Today, Axel Schultze is founder and Chairman of the World Innovations Forum an independent Swiss based NGO envisioning equal prosperity in all nations through innovation and entrepreneurship. The organization with representation in 27 countries is embracing the concept of self-propelled economies.  Prior to that he was founder of the San Francisco Accelerator, helping young entrepreneurs to grow beyond the average. Before starting the Accelerator, he founded four highly successful companies: In 2001 he was founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, one of the most successful Channel Management Software companies. Here he invented a new method of multi-tier lead management and was granted patent 9514997 by the US Patent Office. In 1996 he founded and was CEO of Infinigate one of the largest IT Security provider in Europe, (today over $500 Million in revenue). In 1998 he was raising funds for the rapid growth of Infinigate and created the world’s first Equity Fundraising Platform, Webstock and sold it 2001 to one of the largest stock brokers in Europe. In 1983 he founded Computer 2000, the most successful European computer distributor, and third largest in the world which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData in 1998.

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Selected References

“When Axel founded C2000 he changed the world in Europe’s IT-World both for customers and manufacturers. His visionary approach to facilitate the flow of goods from manufacturer through channel to end user boosted the whole industry. He helped building up the IT-world as we know it today to great extent. He is focused, customer-oriented and – which is not less important- he was always fun to work with.” January 23, 2004
Bernd Koch
Former CEO of Schneider & Koch, working with Axel at Computer 2000

“It is clear that Axel is a forward thinking individual that understands selling technology through the channel. He is also a leader and visionary when it comes to delivering Software as a Service. You can’t go wrong following Axel as he continues to create new solutions and markets.” April 26, 2006
Garth Oliveria
was with a reseller using BlueRoads

“Axel was fundamental in driving C2000 to become the acknowledged leader in IT distribution in Europe. His innovative marketing and sales programs set the standard in creating awareness and professionalism for distributors. I admired his work to such an extent that I eventually joined C2000 myself and later joined Axel in two other companies.” January 27, 2004
Steve DeWindt
was with Intel’s PCEO division responsible for international sales when working with Axel at Computer 2000

“Axel is one of the most visionary and innovative persons I had the opportunity to meet. His open-minded business approach and the freedom he gives his employees was the reason to start working for him. I hardly ever learned so much from any person I worked with and still benefit from these years of learning and gaining experience. April 3, 2007
Achim B.C. Karpf, COO/Business Unit Manager, Infinigate AG
reported to Axel at Infinigate AG

“Axel is a true innovator and visionary and with his deep channel experience has been able to create not only a product /company but more importantly a new way of doing things in the channel. His hands on and lead-by-example style of management makes him easy to work with as a CEO and easy to learn from as a mentor.” November 23, 2005
Puneet Arora, VP Corporate Sales,

“Axel has boundless energy, entrepreneurial vision and a true passion for advancing the channel. As a leader, I find him to be the perfect combination of visionary, mentor, and champion. Axel is the type of leader that people have confidence in and want to overachieve for, and he is a top-notch human being.” November 10, 2005
Kurt Keesy, Director of Marketing, BlueRoads
worked indirectly for Axel at BlueRoads Corp.

“Axel’s knowledge of the Channels space is unsurpassed in the industry – In my 3 1/2 years working with Blue Roads, during my tenure with Cisco, he was able to clearly articulate channel partner behavior and help design solutions that no other products can address. I would work with Axel again, at the earliest opportunity.” November 10, 2005
Gil Ben-Dov
was with Cisco when working with Axel at BlueRoads Corp.

“It’s an honor and education working under Axel’s leadership. As founder, Axel chose the best people, created the right environment, and instilled good values; making BlueRoads a creative and immensely productive workplace where we are proud of what we accomplish together.” November 14, 2005
Christine Diamond
worked indirectly for Axel at BlueRoads Corp.

“Axel is a true visionary of the channel management arena, and over the last several years the BlueRoads product roadmap has perfectly aligned with the evolving needs of companies requiring solutions to optimize channel management performance. Axel is a thought leader in the channel management arena.” November 12, 2005
Louis Columbus
was an analyst at AMR research when working with Axel at BlueRoads Corp.

“Axel’s ability to be one-step ahead of Channel market is unparalleled. He has not only formulated a vision for what solution is needed for Channel customers, but he has been instrumental in ensuring indirect channel customer success for some of the largest corporations in the world. His passion coupled with his energy and experience has cemented BlueRoads as a leader in the Channel CRM market.” November 10, 2005
Paul Nagy
reported to Axel at BlueRoads Corp.

“Axel is a dynamic executive with vision and ability to execute that vision. His company/product is solving an age old problem of “how to manage an in-direct channel”. I would urge anyone involved in channel management to get to know Axel and his company.” November 10, 2005
Doug Barre
Former COO Borland.

“Axel Schultze is truly one of the leaders in our industry and in the channel. His understanding of the channel is superior and is reflected in the software and services that BlueRoads offers. He takes time to understand the business and offered Hitachi a real-world perspective on the channel and making the relationship with partners most effective.” November 10, 2005
Charlie Wallace
was responsible for channels at Hitachi Data Systems when working with Axel

“Axel is one of the most innovating and inspirational persons I have got the opportunity to work with. Axel was indeed the driving force while creating a powerful corporate positioning and an International team, a pure business enabler empowering the Channel and our customers.” November 10, 2005
Jonas Barle
Territory manager, Epicor Sweden

“Axel is an entrepreneur who knows what it takes to succeed: customer focus. And his winning team is just as passionate about their customers. They’re flexible without loss of effectiveness. They’re quick-paced without loss of thoroughness or quality. And they get the job done. They got us the ROI we were so hungry for! And they did so because their leader was as interested in our success as we were.” August 19, 2005
Arturo F MuñozDirector, Global Database Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems, was Axel’s client

“It’s been my pleasure to work with Axel over the past 2 years. I deal with many CEO’s/business leaders, but Axel brings something special to the table; he’s driven to solve real business problems and understands his customers’ pain. His razor-like focus on customer care ensures he delivers to the highest of expectations. His integrity is solid; he won’t let you down.” January 23, 2004
Dawn Block,
was a consultant to Axel at BlueRoads Corp.

“I have known Axel twenty years; initially when he founded Computer 2000 and grew it to be the largest PC products distributor in Europe; attributing to his management skills and expertise of reseller channels and international markets. Axel’s successes and visionary abilities enabled him to pull together resources and attract key customers for rapid growth in his businesses.” December 8, 2003
Thomas Hong, CEO at Board of CEOs

“I know Axel as an top professional executive and a visionary entrepreneur who has the right touch to enhance business and motivate the people for it. I dealt with him in the EMEA IT business and was impressed by his expertise of the international sales channel.” December 21, 2003
Peter De Prins
was with Allaire when working with Axel at Infinigate AG

“I first worked with Axel while he was getting Infinigate started. His existing reputation as a business leader, and someone who understood markets in transformation, attracted Allaire to working with him as a key partner in expanding our business internationally. Over the years, Axel showed a keen understanding of Internet technology and the shifts it would drive in the software business.” December 7, 2003
Jeremy Allaire
Founder and CEO of Allaire Software

“I first meet Axel 1983 when he just founded Computer 2000. He is a true visionary and has always been in front of the IT industry in founding the first global IT distributor in Europe, and the first Internet distributor in Europe. He is a brilliant marketing strategist, a strong leader and a great personality. He is very focused in turning ideas into real business.” 3/26, 2004
Dieter Kondek
CEO Agent VI

“Axel, along with his partners, founded and built one of the most successful computer and software distribution businesses in Europe during the 80’s and into the 90’s. He is of the highest integrity and has a keen sense of creativity. In fact, we have done business together twice now and are working together on our third project over a 20 year period.” January 28, 2004
Chuck Digate, Former CEO Convoge

“I know Axel since the early days of PC productivity software, when productivity actually meant what the word implies!! Computer 2000 became the first partner for Lotus in Germany. Axel was instrumental in winning the Lotus account and building C2000 into the largest European IT distributor. I enjoyed working with him and would have no hesitation in recommending him” January 27, 2004
Irfan Salim
was with Lotus Development when working with Axel at Computer 2000

“I have worked with Axel for twenty five years. Axel is a pioneer and visionary in the field of distribution and channel management. All manufacturers needed Computer 2000 to be their channel partner to penetrate the European market. Axel was particularly insightful determining which industries and products to target for maximum growth and profitability. Gene Hellar CEO, Prima International” December 18, 2003
Gene Hellar
CEO Prima International when working with Axel at Computer 2000

AI related experience history

  • 1979

    Working on ELIZA

    At our University in Stuttgart, I came across a version of ELIZA written in BASIC. Extending the capabilities but realizing it would be a daunting task to make it a real conversation.

  • 1997

    Autonomous code

    We were working on project “Autonomous Code” it was actually unknowingly a precursor to what later was known as “Smart Contracts” powering the Blockchain logic. Autonomous code was triggered by occurrences not by human interaction. A “piece of code” could travel through the Internet on its own.


  • 2005

    Genetic Computing

    Invented a working genetic computing model. Unlike the previous versions from others, who used the binary 0 and 1 to decode genetic bases, we used a 26 letter genetic alphabet. Processing data enormously faster and might be used in neural networks.

  • 2012

    Neural Networks

    Getting fascinated by the concept of neural networks, natural language processing and speech synthesis.


  • 2016

    Following AlphaGO

    This was an amazing experience to see the progress of AI. And even this was not a “full AI”. BUt the dynamics have been amazing.

  • 2018

    Putting it all together

    When putting it all together, AI, ML, Robots, Internet, Sensors, IOT, Smart Material, BioScience, Genetics, it became obvious that an artificial human with a certain degree of similarities is an inevitable development.


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